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Art is always trying to find an answer concerning our human incompleteness. Through a schematised and detached vision, western, "rational" men have transformed the world.
With Marc Kennes, this goes together with the experience of society as a continual threat, which as become an obsession.
In Kennes´paintings, however, the world rediscovers a magical dimension.
Having become spectators of our lives, we live in a fictive landscape wherein our desires move back towards us like some sinister harvesting machine carrying through the Garden of Eden.
Kennes´painting, baroque in its idealism, gothic in its gestures, underlines this: all intersecting in the cross-fire between the dynamic forces of sexuality and the everyday pathologies of historical life. Disrobing loneliness in her intimate aspects, he presents the viewer with the few remaining questions and tasks still left open.

The eye needs to be fed ...

Jeffery Weigand ( Philosopher USA)